The Football Squirts Vision

At Football Squirts, we are passionate about sport and believe it is vital for children to learn the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle from an early age. The Football Squirts innovative curriculum developments key fundamental skills for a positive experience of football and physical activity.

The Story Behind Football Squirts

Football Squirts was started by Matthew Lawn, at the age of 22 he gained experience through coaching young children in America. In 2008 he brought back this passion home to the North East of England. Since then we have had over 1000 squirts (and counting) signing up to our unique child friendly football courses. Football squirts continues to grow and we are always looking for ways to develop our classes to offer children valuable physical, person, social and emotional development.

Football squirts is now expanding throughout the North East and in the near future we hope to be delivering our unique classes nationwide.

Some Recognition on the Way

Matthew Lawn has recently won IWCYC Entrepreneur of the year. The award is in recognition for his passion for sport, children’s development and entrepreneurial qualities.